About us

Salvus KS L.L.C. is a young and modern company, established in 2017 as a branch of the parent company Salvus d.o.o., which has been expanding in the region since it was established in the Republic of Croatia in 2002. The registered address of Salvus KS L.L.C. is in Pristina, and its business operation is based on informing healthcare workers about its portfolio of medical products, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics, as well as on strategic development and building of successful, renowned, and innovative brands.

The company Salvus KS L.L.C. is a proud partner of pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions, and its primary goal is to improve the quality of life for patients.

One of the key activities of the company is the creation and implementation of advertising and sales strategies, while our growth and development are the result of business dedication to the satisfaction of our clients, business partners, and employees.

We are a highly efficient and organised company, and a quality and reliable partner for our clients and suppliers. The achievement of our goals is guided by passion and enthusiasm, while our success is based on high quality standards reflected in the way we manage our human potential and in our efficient organisational structure.

Our mission and vision


We are a socially responsible company which cares about its clients through ensuring availability of top-quality products and services. We are a reliable partner and desirable employer focused on creating an added value for the society.



Our vision is to become a leading company in the region focused on excellence in the segment of health improvement.

Company’s values

The values we nurture are in line with our vision and mission, and they clearly define the strategic framework in each segment of our business operations.


We strive for excellence in all business segments. We are proactive, innovative and professional, and dedicated to continuous perfecting of our knowledge and skills.


Our responsibility starts with us and reflects in the way we deal with our work, our colleagues, clients, partners and the community. We are conscientious, punctual and always willing to assume responsibility for our actions and obligations.


We achieve our goals through joint effort and commitment. Mutual support, open communication, mutual trust and dedication to common goals are the key to our success.


We approach each individual and organisation with respect and understanding, we recognise differences and opinions of others, and we are good listeners and open to suggestions and proposals.


A dedicated nurturing of our values, observing agreements and meeting the promises given allow us to achieve the highest goals in our work, and meet the needs and expectations of our customers, partners and employees.

Business goals

Our goal is to ensure satisfaction of pharmacists and physicians on the one hand, and of end users on the other. This is achieved by careful selection of portfolio of products which meet the highest safety and quality standards and are available only in pharmacies and specialised stores selling medicines and medical products, whereby consumers are provided with recommendations and advices of qualified staff.

Social responsibility

Dedication to quality and environmental protection is one of the company’s fundamental business values. We systematically improve our attitude towards the environment through efficient prevention of any pollution, observing of international standards, complying with regulations and efficient waste management, as well as through informing all the participants in the processes about the need for continuous care for the environment. In our operations, we do not make decisions solely on the basis of financial factors. Decision-making is also based on the estimates of social and environmental consequences of our activities.

In order to improve the quality of living, we take a proactive role in the society in which we operate. We are the initiator of numerous social activities, and support the work of numerous educational, cultural and sport institutions, as well as individuals through sponsorships and donations.

Customer relationship management

Focus on the customer

The key to our success is the understanding of the desires and needs of our clients and consumers, and for this reason our primary strategic focus is on customer relationship management and quality of services. We are aiming to be a reliable and best possible link between the suppliers and consumers, to approach each client individually and to try to exceed their expectations, while listening to their needs. We aim to set ourselves apart through quality and thus become the first choice to our clients.

Our sales team is in contact with the clients every day, providing them with information and listening to their needs and opinions. Through the organisation of numerous professional training sessions for the pharmacists and healthcare workers we introduce them to new developments and promote pharmaceutical and medical sciences.

Code of Conduct

Just as we build a relationship of trust and share similar values with our business partners, we apply the same ethical principle within the company as well. Our codes of conduct for employees help in the maintenance of good relationships and mutual understanding, as well as in the achievement of the company’s goals.

Human resources

We recognise and appreciate the importance of people, since our employees are essential to company’s success. Our dynamic team is characterised by diverse and rich professional experience, enthusiasm, excellence, creativity, flexibility, responsibility and ability to act independently in an atmosphere of team spirit and mutual respect. Investing in employees and allowing them to continuously acquire knowledge required for excellent performance of their activities makes the employees satisfied and motivated, and the company more successful and more competitive in the today’s competitive market.


We sincerely believe that human potential is one of the key factors of success and progress, because only carefully selected, motivated and satisfied employees may contribute to long-term prosperity of the company.

Business process management

Salvus KS L.L.C. is focused on harmonious and gradual development modelled after global companies. Investments in optimisation and quality management of all our business processes ensure supreme quality of our products and services.


As a globally-oriented company, we implement quality management systems in accordance with national requirements and regulations of the markets in which we operate. The notion of quality does not imply only a set of certificates, permits and solutions that prove the fulfilment of the requirements, norms and applicable regulations that regulate trade and distribution of certain categories of products, but also implies the integration of the quality system at all levels of business operations and continuous improvement of all essential processes.