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Salvus - About us
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  • Socially responsible business operations
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  • Logistics and human resources

Salvus BH d.o.o. is a young and modern regional pharmaceutical wholesaler which has been successfully selling medicines, medicinal products and nutritional supplements.The company is based in Sarajevo

It was established in 2009 as a subsidiary company of Salvus d.o.o., who after seven successful years of doing business in Croatia, it expanded its operations to broader region.

With an office in Sarajevo, Salvus d.o.o. is opening soon its offices in Belgrade and Ljubljana.

Salvus BH d.o.o. is a reliable and long-standing partner to pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, doctor’s offices and other healthcare institutions, with the aim of improving patients’ life quality.

In addition to selling and distributing medicinal products and nutritional supplements, as well other products for protecting and improving health, the company acts as agent for foreign pharmaceutical companies and presents and develops their brands on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is a highly efficient and organized company, which is a quality and reliable partner to its customers and suppliers. The company’s main advantages are its industrious and responsible employees, efficient organizational structure and unquestionable passion in achieving the set goals.


Salvus BH d.o.o. is a socially responsible company which cares for its customers through availability of top-quality products and service, is a reliable partner and desirable employer focused on creating an added value for society.


Our vision is to be the leading company in the region, focused on excellence in the segment of health improvement.

The values we cultivate at Salvus BH d.o.o. are in line with our vision and mission and clearly define the strategic framework in each segment of our business operations


We strive for excellence in all business segments and raise the quality of products and services to the highest level. We are proactive, innovative and professional, and continuously enhance our knowledge and skills.


We are conscientious, punctual and always willing to assume responsibility for our actions and obligations we took. We have a responsible attitude to our work, colleagues, customers, partners, community and ourselves.


We achieve our goals through joint effort and commitment. Readiness to offer support and assistance to each other at all times, open communication, mutual trust and dedication to share goals are the key to our success.


We approach each individual and organization with respect and understanding, we recognize differences and others’ opinions, we are good listeners and open to suggestions and proposals.


A consistent and determined cherishing of our values, observing agreements and meeting the promises given allow us to achieve the highest goals in our work, and meet our customers’, partners’ and employees’ needs and expectations.

Business goals

The basic criteria for selecting products into our range are safety and quality. All products in our range are sold solely in pharmacies, and the orthopedic range is also sold in specialized medicinal product stores. This is the only way to ensure that the patients can get advice and recommendations by qualified staff. Our basic goal is pharmacists’ and doctors’ satisfaction on one hand and the end users’ satisfaction on the other.


Socially responsible business operations

Salvus BH d.o.o. employees’ dedication to quality and environmental protection is one of the company’s fundamental business values. The company accepts the principle of responsibility to meet the requirements concerning the protection and preservation of the environment, as well as the protection of employees’ health and safety. We systematically improve our attitude towards the environment through timely and efficient prevention of any pollution, observing international standards, complying with regulations and informing all participants in the processes on the need for continuous care for the environment. In our operations, we do not make decisions solely on the basis of financial factors, but they are also based on the estimates of social and environmental consequences of our activities.

Since we operate in a small environment, we pay great attention to our relationship with the local community. We are the initiator of many social activities, and assist anyone who needs our help through sponsorships and donations.

Focus on customer

In addition to the internationalization of our business operations, one of the company’s fundamental strategic guidelines is creating a close relationship with the customers. Understanding customers’ wishes and needs is the key to our success. Aiming to be the best possible link between the supplier and the customer, we approach each customer as an individual, striving to understand his or her needs, meet his or her demands and exceed his or her expectations through our work. We aim to set ourselves apart through quality, win the customer’s trust and become his or her pharmaceutical wholesaler of choice.

Our field sales team, aided by the call center, is in daily contact with customers, taking orders and also informing the existing and potential customers on standard and new products, taking into account their wishes and opinions.

Our focus on the customer is also demonstrated through organizing training courses for pharmacists and healthcare workers, by which we wish to introduce them to new developments in the profession.

Standards of conduct

Just as we build a relationship of trust with our business partners and share values and goals with them, we apply the same principle within the company as well. One of our fundamental principles is ethics-guided business. In order to help maintain good relations and understanding among employees, and at the same time achieve the company’s and the owners’ goals, we have designed the standards of conduct observed by all the company’s employees.

Logistics and human resources

Salvus BH d.o.o. is organized after the model of global companies. The company is focused on harmonious and gradual development, taking into the account the establishment of quality partnership with customers throughout the region. The company responds to customers’ demands through modern technology and logistics. The effort to supply the goods in as little time as possible makes the company a desirable business partner.  

Great attention is given to logistics within company management. We have at our disposal a wholesale storage area, which fully meets the highest product storage standards in controlled conditions. Continuous investment into optimization of business processes at the warehouse ensures quick processing of orders with systematized exit control. The existing vehicle fleet ensures optimal regional coverage and top-quality delivery to our customers.

However, the key to efficient logistics is professionally trained and highly motivated staff. Our young and professional expert employees are distinguished by their creativity, flexibility, responsibility and ability to act independently in an atmosphere of teamwork and human respect. Great attention is given to education with the aim of training the employees for as independent, creative and innovative work as possible, which will meet the growing demands of our business partners and the market-based operations in general. All employees undergo a standardized educational program encompassing the knowledge of internal procedures and regulations.

In addition to the professional segment, employees also undergo other types of training, enhancing their knowledge and skills in the domain of business communication, teamwork, leadership, stress management, using marketing tools and sales skills…

We sincerely believe that human potential is one of the key factors to success and progress, because only adequately selected, motivated and satisfied employees can contribute to the company’s long-term prosperity.


Salvus BH d.o.o. has obtained a number of certificates, permits and decisions proving that it meets the standards and relevant laws and regulations regulating the turnover of individual product types.



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